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Wedmore Green Group

working together as a community to reduce our environmental impact


The Isle of Wedmore Green Group (WGG) is an umbrella organisation to co-ordinate, explore and encourage sustainable living as it could apply in practical terms to Wedmore and the surrounding villages.

With man-made climate change now a virtual certainty as well as the un-sustainable extraction of raw materials and water this community has three broad choices,

  1. Rely on central and local government to legislate mankind and this planet out of trouble
  2. Ignore all the scientists and evidence and continue to overuse energy, refuse to recycle, fly at a whim to the closest destinations and eat strawberries from Egypt in January.
  3. Work together as a community to find ways to reduce our environmental impact.

We like option three; if you’d like to find out more have a look around our website.


Latest News: Green Questionnaire 2015

We are keen to take the group to the next level, keen to make our monthly meetings as useful, proactive and relevant as we can and to lead on projects and events with real relevance. So, we hope everyone can spare 5 minutes to fill out this questionnaire so we know what everyone thinks.

You can get to the questionnaire by clicking here; www.surveymonkey.com/s/2F2K7NY

Thank you.

Green Group Party! – Sat 29th August

SAVE THE DATE… We’re having a party on Saturday 29 Aug from 5pm onwards in Susanne Ager’s yard in The Borough, Wedmore. It. Find out more.

Don’t despair – repair! – Sat 11th April 10-1

Have you ever wanted to repair something but not known how to do it? At Wedmore’s Repair Café on Saturday 11. Find out more.

WGG Offset Scheme

Flying into trouble? One of the challenges of trying to green up your lifestyle is those pesky friends and family. Find out more.

Bee Project

Plan Bee: help your local bees Honey bees and other types of bees are suffering a sharp drop in numbers,. Find out more.

Warmer Wedmore – Tackling Fuel Poverty

Introduction The official government definition of Fuel Poverty is just changing and the phrase can cause stigma and put people. Find out more.

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